"There’s not a lot of support in China for how President Obama has handled global economic problems. He didn’t live up to expectations on the issue of climate change in China. So we know a little bit, although we don’t have a whole lot of specifics about what particular policies led to this change in attitudes. The slide in the Chinese perception of America reflects broader global trends, but is also steeper than in some other countries. We’ve seen a little bit of a downturn in America’s global image in a few spots around the world over the last few years. Some of the initial enthusiasm that greeted the election of President Obama has faded a little bit, but you see it particularly in China."

— Richard Wike, Pew Global Attitudes Project Associate Director, quoted in a U.S. News piece discussing a report released yesterday on growing concerns in China about inequality and corruption, but also the Chinese public’s increasing reservations over relations with the United States.