Two takeaways from our data round-up on women in the military

  • According to government data, 30% of women veterans of the post-9/11 era (as of July 2010) say they served in a combat or war zone. This compares with 57% of post-9/11 veterans who are men.
  • The current active-duty female force is more racially diverse than the male force. While 71% of active-duty men are white, only about half of active-duty women (53%) are white. More than three-in-ten (31%) military women are black—almost twice the share of military men who are black (16%). (DOD, Population Representation in the Military Forces, FY2010).
As the Pentagon prepares to lift the ban on women in combat roles, the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press has pulled together some of our survey data and analysis on this group from 2011. Read more here.