"People were posting what they had for dinner."

  • “I was tired of stupid comments.” 
  • “[I had] crazy friends. I did not want to be contacted.”
  • “I took a break when it got boring.”
  • "It was not getting me anywhere.”
  • “Too much drama.”
  • “You get burned out on it after a while.”
  • “I gave it up for Lent.”
  • “I was fasting.”
  • “People were [posting] what they had for dinner.”
  •  “I didn’t like being monitored.”
  • “I got harassed by someone from my past who looked me up.”
  •  “I don’t like their privacy policy.”
  • “It caused problems in my [romantic] relationship.

— Verbatim reasons for taking extended breaks from Facebook, as per our latest Pew Internet study, Coming and Going on Facebook.